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Alphabetical list of trails:

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Adam's Canyon                         Kays Creek (Great Western Trail)

Antelope Island State Park       Legacy Parkway

Baer Canyon                             Mueller Park 

Bonneville Shoreline                  North Canyon   

D&RGW Rail Trail                        Parrish Creek

Davis Creek                               Webb Canyon

Holbrook Canyon                           

Davis Area Trails

For a MAP created by Davis County, featuring trails
on Antelope Island and along the Wasatch Front, click here.

For a somewhat comprehensive map of topo lines, streets and
some trails throughout the west, click here.

Antelope Island State Park

The park has approximately 35 miles of trails through the rangeland, on the ridges and near the shore. More Information and print a trail/map brochure here.

You can also ask for hiking conditions and information at the gate when you arrive, or at the Visitors Center on the island. Here's a video of the view at the top of Frary Peak, the highest spot on the island. Always take lots of water when you hike, particularly on hot summer days.

The Buffalo Point trail (in the northwest corner of the island) is a fairly challenging trail with a huge reward at the end: panoramic views of the west side of the island, and the western part of the lake. Drive your car up the hill to the parking lot and the trailhead. Sunset will take your breath away from up there!

From the Fielding Garr Ranch, ask the docents how to get to area of Daddy Stump's homestead. He was thought to be the first resident of the island... even before Fielding Garr.

The Trib listed a downloadable pdf of the White Rock Loop Trail. It's a great way to see the scenery and animals in less than a 3 hour hike or 1 hour ride!!

The causeway from the mainland to the island is approximately 7 miles long, and you'll see many bike riders on a very wide shoulder riding in each direction. Be aware of weather conditions though, as strong winds make it hard to ride at times, and lake-stink or midges (both naturally occurring phenomena at various times of the year) can make it uncomfortable. Generally, once on the island, you won't experience wind, lake-stink or midges. Check with the ranger at the gate before your ride. There is a fee for you to ride your bicycles into the State Park.

The D&RGW Rails-to-Trail Bike Trail

The Denver & Rio Grand Western trail used to be an old train track. It is now paved - and with the Legacy Parkway trail - it completes the connection between the Jordan River trail in Salt Lake County on the south, with Weber County on the north. The trail is roughly parallel with I-15, running about 1/2 - 3/4 of a mile west of the freeway. On the north end of the county, it contines into Weber County - and continues south to theLegacy Events Center in Farmington, where it joins via the Farmington Creek path, to the Legacy Parkway.

There is occasional cross-traffic on the trail, so watch for automobile traffic when you cross the streets. Because of the cross traffic, it may not be appropriate for smaller children. With the exception of a couple of very busy streets (like Hill Field and Antelope Dr) - most crossings are in residential areas, so traffic is fairly light in those areas - though there are some blind corners and speedy traffic.

If you're transitioning to/from the Legacy Parkway trail, the Farmington Creek trail links the two. That 1/4 mile trail runs behind the Justice complex (courts and jail) and the Legacy Events Center, and joins the Legacy Parkway trail at the State St. bridge which crosses I-15. Or if you're headed north, turn off Legacy at the south side of State Street bridge, head west til just before the Justice Complex (there are tall trees which line the creek bed) and look for the trail that runs along the north side of that creek and treeline. You'll back track a little bit to the southwest, before joining the D&RGW trail and heading north again).

Map (pdf) here

Legacy Parkway

The Legacy Parkway trail is a level paved bike, hiking and horse trail that follows the Legacy Highway, from the Frontrunner Station in Farmington, ending at the I-215/Legacy split in NSL (approximately 12.5 miles from one end to the other). There is NO cross-traffic, making it nice for an uninterrupted ride, walk or run.

There is a portion for horses that is on the unpaved WEST side of Legacy Highway. Watch for signs.

On the south end, it connects with Salt Lake County's Jordan River Parkway - following the river through Rose Park area to the SL Fairgrounds. The best trail access for the south end is on Center St. in NSL on the east side of Legacy Highway. You'll also find ample parking and easy access at Foxboro Community Park, which is 1100 N in NSL and/or 2600 S in Bountiful. From the freeway, take the Bountiful 2600 S exit and travel all the way west to Legacy Hwy & the park.

On the north end, the trail connects with the D&RGW trail and continues north through the county (though there is vehicular cross-traffic on the D&RGW trail). The best northern access to the Legacy Trail is from the east side of the Farmington Frontrunner Station commuter-parking lot.

Trailheads allow users to park their cars and access the multi-use trail system, and hike/bike any segment of it.

Other trailheads are found at:

  • 250 South, Farmington
  • Birnham Woods, West Bountiful
  • Pages Lane, West Bountiful
  • Mill Creek, West Bountiful
  • 500 South, Woods Cross (connects to nature trail on the west side of

Legacy between Center Street and 500 South)

    • 2425 South, Woods Cross
    • Center Street, North Salt Lake

The following mountain trails are listed

in Davis County:

  • The Bonneville Shoreline trail runs north and south. All others run east and west into canyons or up the sides of the mountains
  • You can find the trail head to many of the trails listed below in Things To Do, select "Trail" for Activity.
  • Use GPS by visiting our mobile site on your smart phone, computer or tablet at then clicking the icon of the little guy with the back pack. Click the heading called "Things to Do By Type", then "Trail" from the selections. When you pick your trail, a map will appear showing the trailhead.

Bonneville Shoreline Trail

Follows the shoreline of Ancient Lake Bonneville at 5200 feet. The trail will eventually extend 90 miles. The Davis section is complete between Kaysville Vita Course to Adams Canyon.

Kays Creek (Great Western)

3.25 mi./ 3.5 hrs one way/Most difficult Exit 324. Go 6.7 miles. Turn right onto Valley View Drive Drive 0.6 mile and turn right on Fernwood Road. Drive 1 mile to the picnic ground.

Adams Canyon/Bonneville Shoreline

The falls in Adams Canyon

2.0 mi./45 minutes - one hour one way/Difficult Exit 324 (US 89 N). Go 6.7 miles. Turn right onto Valley View Drive (diagonal from road). In 0.6 mile, turn right on Fernwood Rd. Drive 1 mile to the picnic ground. Bikes are not recommended on the Adams Canyon trail.


The trail in Adams Canyon becomes harder to follow as you get closer to the falls. A GPS might be a good idea on any trail - but especially this one. However, the deep canyon may affect its usefulness. It's not that it's dangerous, it's just that the trail is not always well-marked.

The photo at right is the prize at the end of the trail: The falls in Adams Canyon.

Webb Canyon/East Mountain Wilderness Park

Exit 324 (US 89). Take 400 N. Go east on 650 N. Follow the Vita Course to the split at Bonneville Shoreline right fork. Continue north over the bridge and up a steep ridge. It begins on the north side and leads to Great Western trail.

Baer Canyon

4 miles/2 hours one way/Difficult. Exit 324 (US 89 N). In Fruit Heights, turn right at Mountain Road and right at East Oaks Drive. Turn left on 1800 East and go to the end of the road to the water tank. Trail junctions are Great Western and Bonneville.

Davis Creek Trail, Farmington

To get to the trail head, take 200 East in Farmington and turn east on 500 South. Follow that road until it turns into dirt. Park at the reservoir, and start walking up the road. This hike gives you beautiful views of some waterfalls. To get the first two falls is quick, taking about 30 to 45 minutes depending on your speed. The trail will fork, to the left will take you closer to the water. The right fork will lead you on another two mile hike to view another waterfall.

Parrish Creek/Bonneville Shoreline

4.5 miles/Difficult. Head east off Exit 319. Continue to 700 East. Turn left and follow dirt road past the water tank to the parking lot.

Holbrook Canyon Trail

Moderately difficult to Difficult. Exit 315. Turn east on 2600 S to Route 89 North. At 1875 S, turn east. At Bountiful Blvd turn left. Parking is just south of the LDS Temple on the east side of the street. There's a small restroom here too. Crosses a stream several times - but it is extremely diverse, with lots of wooded areas.

Mueller Park

7.6 miles/ 5 hours one way/ Moderate Exit 315 off I-15. Take 2600 S til it becomes Orchard Drive. At 1800S (St Olaf's Catholic church is on the corner), turn east. Follow to the park entrance where you'll have to pay a fee to enter the park at the steep ranger (a hollow steel pole). If you see a real ranger, or park host or hostess, ask for specific directions.

Trail junctions are Grandview & Rudy's Flat Trails. Trail makes a loop from Mueller Park Picnic Area around to North Canyon and back up to Mueller Park. Trailhead to Elephant Rock is on the right side at the entrance. Trailhead to Kenney Creek is to the left of the road.

North Canyon Trail

3.6 miles/ Moderate Exit 315. Turn east on 2600 S to Route 89 North. Follow to Route 106 North. At 1875 S, turn east. At Bountiful Blvd. turn right. At Canyon Creek Dr. (3300 S) turn East and follow until the pavement ends. The trail head is 1 mile up the dirt road. Trail connects to Grandview Peak, Burro Mine and Cottonwood Gulch.

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